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Bad Transformations (バッド変化 baddo henka), is one of the two transformations that Time Shifters can take on. All Shifter bad transformations are called "Kon" in the English dub, exception Ninja's.


Land of Time Shifters[]

This is brought out of the Time Shifter, usually after they were marked with the Petra stamp or Uglinator's Skull mark. This represents a Shifter who has allowed darkness to enter their heart and the reason why the Dark Lord called the Shifters "Demons" rather then "Angels". Unlike their Super Transformation, a bad transformation is not a limited transformation and a Shifter will stay in their Master form as long as evil remains in their heart.

In the anime, they can be cured of this form with the aid of someone who has connected with the Shifter, bringing out the Shifters good nature. The effort to achieve this varies per instance with some Shifters needing to worn down or hit by Getalong's love-beam before anyone can get through to them.

In the manga, the only way to turn them back is to defeat them.

In Episode 18, the Old Timer stated that Shifters cannot be turned into a Monster Eggs while in this form.

The Japanese names of most Time Shifters' forms have the word "waru" (ワル) in their names, derived from the Japanese word warui (悪い), meaning "evil". For example, Raldo-Con's Japanese name, Waru Rarudo (ワルラルド), means "Evil Raldo". The following Shifters have exceptions:

    • Batterball-Con: Reiketsu (レイケツ)
    • Bindi-Con: Ankōku (アンコーク)
    • Cardian-Con: Akuman (アクマン)
    • Doron: Baddoron (バッドロン)

Super Bad Transformation[]

This is the only form that Land of Dread Time Shifters can take. Unlike their counterparts in the Land of Time, they can transform freely and are not limited transformations like Super Transformation. They call their forms "Super" instead of the typical "Waru". This is a play on words, implying their not "bad transformations" but "Super bad transformations" since they are already bad to begin with.

In the english dub Ninja's bad transformation is the only one to retain the name "Super". This is because due to an error based on the fact Ninja was rarely in his default form to be called just "Ninja", "Super Ninja" accidentally became his default name.


  • Getalong is the only Shifter who never has a bad transformation.
  • This form was referenced in regards to other non-Shifter characters. Episode 24 in the Japanese dub was called "T.P. Lady's Bad transformation" and Episode 32 was originally called "Kyoichiro's bad transformation". It was hinted (but never stated) that Narugami Kyoichiro, Dino and Mite's transformations were their "Bad transformation".