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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 7 November 2020

url for safe keeping


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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 11 July 2018

Quick notice

Okay, so I have the means to scan the manga now and I had booked to get it all done.

My primary dedication is to the Vocaloid wiki, I tend to put this ahead of all other wikias. And no sooner did I get the means to finally scan these manga did the first signs of Vocaloid5 being released. I've had to drop all other wiki stuff and sit here and wait and see what happens.

And V5, looks like its coming out this month.

Luckily, Vocaloid's new engine releases only come every 4 years, so after a month or two I can get back on track. I have work to do at the Vampire Sphere, Beyblade and this wiki and my time is limited I set aside for wikias. I've also been working on the Darwinia wiki to top it off.

So this is the current status; give me time to si…

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 15 August 2017

Booking Friday

Right I've cleared all wiki schedules and will be on the wikia on Friday without doubt.

So if anyone wants to tell me anything, let me know. I have images to upload, and just about everything has gotten in the way from drama on Deviantart to my new laptops powerpack failing to being ill. =_=

The main focus will be the Stickers page, but I have one or two things to add.

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 9 April 2015


My second copy of Flint mangas turned up. After being in the mail for several months. I'm so sorry, this held me up. I thought everything would be turning but was delayed by this. ^_^

So gie me a few weeks to get things in gear and I'll be back.

I've got big apologizes to the wikia, I couldn't help what happened.

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 23 February 2015

Next month resuming

Resuming edits next month. Stopped to deal with some other issues.

I'm still keeping quiet on the manga front.

Cogs are turning slowly.

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 23 January 2015


Okay due to there being a new voclaoid vocal unveiling yesterday... Within an hour of me writing that blog.. I never got to this wikia.

I'll try and find time this weekend. But I'm not going to openly book time for the wikia since things keep coming up.

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 22 January 2015

Well that was... Well...

I found extra time to work on this wikia yesterday due to a cancelled shift at work. I'm doing work today here.

You didn't see me though because I was going to see if I could do a episode and see if it worked out well enough. Basically ep. 10, under the new Japanese naming scheme since this one involved no yet-to-be-change names. Long story short... Something else took up my time.

The Vocaloid wikia has been active since monday on a particular story wherein a bad producer caused a stir, and the time I set aside yesterday was spent trying to catch up on the events and making sense of the choas and drama that was going on.

Still is going on.

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 19 January 2015


I was going to do stuff on this wikia but boy... I didn't see the events of the voclaodi wikai happening when I decided that yesturday. I literally have done nothing but watched it unfold.


I apologies, Thursday I will work on the wikia (I'm working for the next two days).

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 14 January 2015

more work

Some point in the next few days I'm setting more time, I'm trying to get Japanese names up before doing other stuff, but recently I got a new job which is limiting more of my time.

Okay the status on getting scans... I'm going to go silent because its basically going to happen. I'm not going to make any announcements or anything else because I can't 100% put down any facts. Things are based on imports and it took a few weeks for my first copies to arrive.

If it all works out, I shouldn't be left as the only one without access to the material. Translator groups are not easy to gain help from as most don't want to be contacted due to their actions.

On another note, I am not sure I've mentioned it before, but Aldora has a difference on the post…

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 5 January 2015

Some good news

Looks like not only have I may be able to secure a second copy of the bom bom comic, but the bros mangas too.

And still... No chapter 3... But at least a second copy of the other two mangas are on their way.

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 4 January 2015


I should be doing some work in a couple of hours for this wikia. I have a few things to do at other wikia.


^This took longer then I thought, I apologize, I'll do work tomorrow.

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 1 January 2015

Work this weekend

I'll start more work on the wikia on saturday and sunday.

I was going to do some things today, its midday more or less and I just work up. Long story short, some of our neighbours threw a party, in their garden. Which is fine because I have no cribs with new years parties...

But boom, boom, boom, boom is not a form of music, I'm sorry. Seriously from 9 o'clock to 1 in the morning the same bass beat was flaring out. This is designed for mixing with other music - not playing on its on. It kept everyone awake n the neighbourhood. It would be fine if they were actually playing music, but all you could hear was that booming beat. Hearing the same beat for 4 hours with no change... God... That was awful.

They were drunk. It wouldn't be so b…

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 12 July 2014

My apologies

I've had a busy week this week.

I was going to do another episode tonight, but another wikia was having a crisis... Whcih lead to the set up of a second wikia, which I helped set up the front page on. I lost the time which I planned to put into this wikia because of the events.

Also I will be possible away all this week... So basically the next episode will be either tomorrow if I can squeeze one in before I leave or next friday evening (UK time)/saturday.

I'm ever so sorry, things have gotten over my head. When I come back I will be doing a episode a day for at least a week to catch up.

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