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(ムッシュー, Musshuu)

Debut (Manga):
Debut (Anime): Episode 30
Time Period Located: Late 19th Century - France
Seiyū: Kappei Yamaguchi
Voice actor:


Bugsy resembles a grub or caterpillar with wings, he is mostly blue/green and yellow with pink details. He carries a spyglass in his left hand. He is the smallest Shifter rescued by Flint and overall the second smallest "Monster", first being Ninja.

In early showings, his pink limbs are white, he also had 1 extra stripe on his antennae and his spyglass was coloured differently. This was one of the minor changes to a shifter seen in the anime from concept to final version.

His Monster egg is the smallest, being a small glass-like sphere barely half the size of most other eggs.


Bugsy is not as shy as many of the other Time Shifters, in fact he is highly curious in comparison to most others, being fascinated by bugs and insects.


He can turn anyone into an insect.



Bugsy-con can turn people into insects like the original Bugsy, but has giant scythes to fight with. On his head is two antennae which can detect any attack from any direction making him very hard to strike.


Never shown

Bugsy's Super transformation was referenced outside of the show and resembles a humanoid insect complete with 4 wings.


Bugsy make his first appearance in episode 30, where he was located in 1830, France and had befriended Jean-Henri Fabre.


  • He carries a spy glass in reference to how bugs are studied.
  • The insects he turns his victims into are often related to their character.
    • Sora being a butterfly is a nod to have she is conceived to be "pretty"
    • Kyoichiro being turned into mosquito is a nod to be descended from vampires due to both having blood sucking abilities.
    • Dr, Yamato being turned into a fly is a nod to how flies are used in labs for study due to their rapid growth and reproduction abilities.
    • Flint being turned into a stag beetle is a nod to his fighting abilities