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The Bureau of Time & Space is the agency which runs the Time Police. The head building is located in Tama City, in the 25th century.


Bureau of Time and Space

The agency was set up by Old Timer to help monitor and fix the timeline after the Time Shifters were scattered by the Dark Lord across the timeline. The Bureau runs the Time Police and is charged with arresting criminals which attempt to pillage the Timeline for its treasures, which in turn risk altering the face of history in the process.

Time Detectives[]

Time detectives are the most notable active members of the Time Police. They are dispatched to specific periods of the Timeline to help heal it by removing the issue causing a problem. Most of the time, a person can become a Detective via doing well at school, and through years of training. However, individuals with merit can be automatically appointed as Time Detectives without this if they prove useful to the Time Police.

Though only Flint Hammerhead and Merlock Holmes are shown, the series indicates many more Time Detectives operate for the Time Bureau. In episode 38, Jillian Grey mentions that due to a computer virus all Ridons apart from Flint's were not able to operate, which meant the other members of the Time Police could not go aid Flint.

All Time Detectives receive and report to Jillian Grey. Since they aim to protect the Timeline, altering it is inexcusable no matter what the circumstances, and any Detective who is seen to interfere with events in history can have their badge taken from them, essentially they are fired in the process. However, according to Jillian Grey in epsiode 13, the organisations policy does not apply on Christmas Day.

  • Flint's active mission he was assigned to throughout the series was recovery of the Time Shifters. To do so, he either had to rescue the Shifter and remove it out of evil hands, as well capture the Criminal (which was Petra Fina Dagmar) behind the problem.
  • Merlock was sent on a recon mission, charged with monitoring Flint and his friend's efforts to rescue the Time Shifters, as well as keep an eye on Flint himself. He was not suppose to interfere with Flint or reveal himself, though eventually did anyway. As the series progressed, he ends up aiding Flint more rather then just observing him.
  • A 3rd, unknown Time Detective was heard in episode 24, when he picked up Petra after she signaled a distress call. He was never seen and only his voice was heard from inside his Ridon. In the English dub, the voice was changed to a female one.


  • Z•Z was also a member of the Time Police in the manga. Despite being shown holding a script like Old Timer and Merlock Holmes at the end of Chapter 6, he did not make it into the anime.