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'Christopher Columbus'
Debut (Manga): chapter 5
Debut (Anime): Episode 6
Affiliation: Historic Figure
Voice actor:

Christopher Columbus was an historic figure and based on the captain of the same name who discovered the Americas. He is one of many figures that Flint Hammerhead met in his adventures. He appears in both the manga and anime, both with a different appearance. He is one of the few historic figures to also appear in Primitive Boy Genshi.

Depiction in the show[]

He was portrayed as a natural coward in comparison to his real world counterpart, who relied upon Coconaut's guidance to maintain his role as captain. He goes so far as to loose doubt in himself when Petra takes over his crew and ships.

He finally becomes the brave explorer history remembers, once Coconuat is removed from his procession.

His manga counterpart has him acting much more eccentric, with is methods not matching up with his more heroic status as a captain.



Coconaut originally meets the famous captain after he randomly falls out of the sky and onto his head. He quickly becomes friends with the captain due to Coconaut's own eccentric nature and habit of supporting the actions of the captain, by pointing out when the Captain is right - even though his workings were very strange. He mistakes Merlock Holmes for one of his crew and spends most of his time trying to order Merlock to do things.


Coconaut and Christopher Columbus meeting at sea

When he was a young sailor, he met Coconaut when he feel overboard and swam towards him. Coconaut was able to direct him back to shore, saving Christopher's life in the process. Coconaut secretly aided him in raising through the ranks until he became a Ships captain.

He unknowingly hired Petra Fina Dagmar as a crew member, along with Dino and Mite. When Flint came to take Coconuat away, he refused to let him go. Petra captured the Time Shifter, took control of his vessel and Flint group were left tied up on an island. Merlock Holmes aids Sarah Goodman in freeing them. They build a raft and catch up with Petra. Christopher helps free Coconuat and Christopher regains control as Captain.

Flint leaves and takes Coconuat with him, leaving the timeline to repair itself and the captain to become the historic figure he was meant to be.


  • Coconaut was with Christopher Columbus the longest shown of any Time Shifter. They met when he was a young sailor, whereas everyone else barely aged between meeting their Time Shifter and Flint's arrival.
  • Coconaut's Japanese name "Cocoron" (ココロン) shares part similarly with the Japanese way of writing "Columbus" (コロンブス).
  • The manga shows him with just 1 ship on the first journey to the Americas when it should have been 3 ships.