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Genshi (ゲンシ), originally referred in the in the Bros. Comics as "Primitive Boy Genshi", is the main protagonist of the series. After ending up in the distant future he becomes a Time Detective. He is joined on his adventures by his partner and guide Putera as well as twins Yamato Sora and Yamato Tokio. He is called Flint Hammerhead in the English dub.



Some on-line translator machines attempt to translate his name of "Genshi" to "genesis". This would make sense regardless of the accuracy of the translator as "Genesis" is used as a name to indicate the start of something, as "genesis" is the first book of the Christian Bible.

Genshi's status title is called "Genshi-kun" (ゲンシ) in the Japanese version of the show. "Kun" is simply used to indicate he is a male of a younger age. He always address the rest of the cast by their given names (Sora, Tokio, Kyoichiro, etc), which in Japan would indicate he considers everyone close to him.


  • Genshi 's character and personality is similar to that of Goku from Dragon Ball.