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Hans Christian Andersen
Debut (Manga): Chapter 4
Debut (Anime): episode 27
Affiliation: Historic Figure
Voice actor:

Hans Christian Andersen is one of the many famous figures that Flint Hammerhead and his friends met on their adventures. He is based on the real writer of the same name. He appears in both the manga and the anime, though the manga version features himself as a older person, where the manga features him as much older in his career.

Depiction in the show[]

Hans is shown as a man struggling to cope with the mediocre response to his attempts as theater productions. The result was he suffered from a lack of direction, stress and much confusion, which caused him loss of sleep. By the end of the episode he appears in, he is focused and determined to move forward.



He appears in Chapter 4 when Talen lets Petra into his stories. Petra attempts to rewrite them.


He first is shown with the famous writer Heinrich Heine on a bridge when Flint and his friends come across him. He is seeking guidance from the famous writer, who states that he is convinced that Hans will find his calling eventually and leaves saying he has faith in Hans. In his drunken state he leans over the bridge and falls in the watrer, causing Flint and his friends to have to rescue him.

They take him back to where he is staying and nightcap appears. He asks Nightcap to put him to sleep and explains that it is because of him he can get some rest due to the stress his failures are giving him. When Flint and his friends try and convince Hans to give up Night cap, he orders the Time Shifter to put them all to sleep. Afterwards, Petra Fina Dagmar appears. Talen sucks everyone into a book from the 25th century, a copy of Hans' fairy tales.


  • Hans had indeed written a couple theater works by the time he moved to Paris in 1833. However he continued to write such works even after 1833.