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Heinrich Heine
Heinrich Heine
Debut (Manga):
Debut (Anime): episode 27
Affiliation: Historic Figure
Voice actor:

Heinrich Heine was a minor character in episode 27, who was shown with Hans Christian Andersen. He is based on the famous writer of the same name in real life.

Depiction in the show[]

He is shown to be open minded and supportive of Andersen, encouraging him to continue to write even though he was struggling.


Heine was with Hans on a bridge in Paris listening to the drunken Hans talking about his woes. He ensures Andersen that he will figure out the solutions to his problems with time and then leaves.

After Flint leaves with Nightcap, the next morning Heine is pleased to hear Hans discuss with him his ideas to write fairy tales as a focus.


  • His last name is never spoken in the Japanese dub.
  • The English dub named him as "Eric".
  • Heine moved to Paris in 1831 and originally met Andersen completely by accident 6 weeks after Anderson moved to Paris. Hans greatly admired Heine due to his status, they met up several times during Hans 3 month stay in Paris, and lastly when Hans left Paris on August 10 1833.