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Debut (Manga): chapter 2
Debut (Anime): Episode 2
Affiliation: Historic Figure
Voice actor:

Himiko is a character shown within both the manga and anime. She is based on the Shaman queen of the same name of Yamataikoku.

Depiction in the show[]

The anime version shows her as a shy and quiet person who was worried about the well being of her subjects.

The manga version of her depicts her as an eccentric ruler with strange methodologies who is worried about what people make of her. Her subjects still love her regardless. Tony Goodman also finds her attractive.




When Flint Hammerhead and the others are thrown in prison, they find Himiko imprisoned as well.


  • Himiko has many details about her that are both debated and questioned. Tony Goodman's inability to identify what she is famous for is also likely a nod to the historic disputes about her that baffle even modern day historians. One of the few things that is known about her that Pterry correctly quotes is that she became ruler after a long period of fighting in Japan.
  • In the Anime she has a sister called "Nashime".
  • Normally, the Timeline repairs itself without leaving any trace of time traveler influence. However, despite having any traces of the time travelers to the century, it was shown at the end Himiko had remembered traces of Flint's visit.