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During his adventures across time and space, Flint Hammerhead and his friends meet a number of historic figures, some famous, some obscure and some unknown.


The Time Shifters, seemed to have been fated to meet a famous person, though not all did as some such as Marie had no claim to fame. In their innocence, the Shifters often ended up being influenced by the person they met and befriending them and in return the Shifter's likewise influenced them.

Due to the powers of the Time Shifters, there was a great risk that history could be altered, and once the Shifters were removed the Timeline repaired itself. It is implied that even without the Shifters these individuals would have become the person they were destined to be anyway as in episode 2 it was shown that as the timeline repaired itself it removed influence of those not meant to be there. Despite this, several historic figures were left with remnants of their meetings with those not suppose to be in their timeline. Examples include things such as Leonardo da Vinci who kept a painting of Sarah Goodman that Plumella painted and Ludwig van Beethoven who remembered a symphony he wrote to break Musey out of Petra's influence.

Most of the time, they were as just as important in the freeing of the Time Shifter as Flint was, in a few cases they were the only reason why the Time Shifter reverted back to normal. Their friendship with the Time Shifters was used to beat the Dark Lord in Episode 39, when the Time Shifters were reminded that despite the Dark Lord's claims, they each had met people who proved that humanity was also capability of great things as well as the bad ones.

In the manga they did not always have the same amount of influence on the Shifters nor were they always important to changing them back to normal.

List of Historic Figures[]

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