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Hyper Sticker Collection was a collection of stickers released to promote the series.


The sticker collection contains 100 stickers of various characters from the series. The stickers contained a brief summery of the characters. They were sold in shops in boxes of 30 packages, each with 10 stickers in them. They were sold in 1998 and 1999 and were official merchandise, carrying a sticker on the packets. There are a total of 87 stickers, a number of which feature a hologram and a preview of incomplete Monsters. The rest of the stickers feature several prototype cards mixed in with versions that were featured in the anime. For example, Ammon in one image has her shell from her prototypes and in another, the pattern more matches the one she is featured in the anime with.

They were sold only in Japan.

The cards feature several game mechanics for those wishing to use them more then juststickers and have a sign for Rock–paper–scissors as well as 1-6 for a dice. Stickers feature as image of the character and one of several labelling; cast, normal, bad and super. Cast represents members of the main cast, while the other 3 are stages of the Shifters forms. The cards are numbered and feature a power level for each sticker.

On the back they relist their type (except for cast cards who have a "-") and power, as well as the century they would be found in, however, it is notable that the years each is noted didn't always match the actual time they would appear in within the show. Other details are featured on the card.


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