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Jean-Henri Fabre
Debut (Manga):
Debut (Anime): Episode 30
Affiliation: Historic Figure
Voice actor: Derek Stephen Prince (English)

Jean-Henri Fabre is a famous insect enthusiast that Flint Hammerhead and his friends met on their adventures. He is based on the real person Jean-Henri Fabre. They met him when he was young, before he became famous in old age for his books on Insects.

Depiction in the show[]

He is depicted as being highly interested in bugs and insects, even as a child, being laid back and easy going. Unfortunately, not everyone agreed with his opinion on insects.


After running away from his father, who criticized his observations of insects as a waste of time, he met the Time Shifter Bugsy. Bugsy turned him into a bee, allowing him to get a bugs-eye-view of the world. He was able to study insects for the first time up close.

Fabre feels the wrath of Sarah's hate of bugs

When Flint arrives, Bugsy and he had just accidentally scared off some kids. When Tony Goodman and Flint try and capture Bugsy, Tony captures Fabre instead, leading Bugsy to protect his friend by turning Tony into a bug. After Sarah tries to take out her revenge on Bugsy by capturing him herself, she ends up being turned into a butterfly, leading Fabre to try (and fail) to calm her down.

Fabre seeks out Flint and the others when Bugsy is taken by Petra Fina Dagmar. When he approaches the others, Merlock Holmes whacks him. He tells him off for being so rough and introduces himself. Merlock identifies him, Sarah notes he isn't famous until old age. When Petra attacks with Bugsy-kon, Sarah leads Tony and Fabre away to get help, when both Merlock and Flint are taken out of action. They return with a insect army, that is able to free the captured Pterry and Getalong. Ninja blows all the insects away, and after Leafy Master disables Ninja, Fabre manages to get through to Bugsy. He reverts to normal.

Fabre promises to return to his father and not give up on his studies of insects. His memory is erased of meeting Flint and the others and Bugsy's influence on the timeline is removed with it.


  • The English dub translates his book series as "Insects of the World". None of his books carry this title, translated or otherwise. The correct title as spoken by the Japanese dub is "Souvenirs entomologiques" and the English translation should have been "Entomological souvenirs".
  • Another English dub error is Fabre's promise to Flint is told by Old Timer to be the reason he continued to study insects. This is not possible, as Pterry would have erased his memory of ever meeting Flint.
  • Fabre is one of the more obscure famous figurines he meets, leading one to wonder how Merlock and Sarah happen to know him so well but don't seem to know as much about other figures such as Vlad Țepeș.