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Jillian Grey
Jillian Gray.PNG
Rei Jinguji (神宮寺レイ, Jingūji Rei)
Debut (Manga): Does not appear
Debut (Anime): Hammerhead Rock
Seiyū: Mami Nakajima
Voice actor: Mari Devon
Species: Human
Classification: Chief of Time Police
Time Period: 25th Century Tama City- Japan
Gender: Female

She is was in the original Primitive Boy Genshimanga but was replaced with Z•Z's in the Bom Bom Comics version. She returned for the anime version with a altered appearance.


Jillian is a woman with short, red hair and red eyes. She wears a white and blue uniform and has yellow earrings. Her appearance is overall attractive.


Jillian is the chief of the Time Police. She acts professionally and is responsible for sending Flint on his missions.

Due to her job she does not always get the time to meet the Time Detectives she gives assignments to, having mentioned in episode 13 to have yet met Flint in person. When Merlock reported to her in episode 14, she was caught eating her lunch at her desk.


  • Dr. Bernard Goodman; he often flirts with her but she does not react to his attempts to get a date from her, often acting cold to him or criticizing his behavior.
  • Merlock Holmes; Jillian and Merlock talk to each other as professionals.
  • Flint Hammerhead; Jillian was not always impressed with Flint's lack of professionalism at the beginning but treats him respectfully, saving any criticism she did have for the others around him.


In episode 13, she is invited to christmas by the Dr. Bernard Goodman and later is seen attending. She scolds Flint for altering the timeline by reuniting Maria with her mother, but does not take his badge away despite saying this is the normal punishment. She shocks everyone by saying the policy doesn't apply on christmas day.

In episode 14, she has a meeting with Merlock Holmes about Flint and the Time Shifters.

In episode 38, she reported that all the Time Police Ridons had been taken out by a virus except for Flint's. When the others went to help him, she was tasked with sending the Shifters to back them up from the 25th century.

In Episode 39, she is seen being informed of Flint's success when the timeline restarts.


In the Japanese dub, she is referred to by the honorific "sama" (神宮寺レイ), which is a title spoken by those who have great respect to the individual and signals the cast have great respect for her.