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Narugami Kyoichiro (鳴神京一郎(なるがみ きょういちろう)) is a young Time Detective, he was first introduced in the second volume of the original manga. He is descended from Vampires (吸血鬼 - lit. "Blood absorbing demon"/きゅうけつき- kyuuketsuki[1]). He is called "Merlock Holmes" in the English dub.

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His family name of "Narugami" alone means "Playful/smiling God/Lord" and likely refers to his flirtatious nature. "Kyoichiro" is a male name and is constructed of "ichiro" (meaning "first son"), this indicates he is his parents eldest son. "kyo" which on its own can be read as "today". However, the name itself has no significant meaning otherwise when read this way.

His Japanese name is actually a play on words meaning "will be observed today" (なるがみきょういちろう). This ends up creating a pun when he introduces himself, as his introduction can be taken to roughly translate to something along the lines of "I am the Time-Space Detective that will be observed today". The "joke" caused by this name is also that he can be taken as nothing more then a miscellaneous character.

The Japanese title used for him by Tony and Sarah is "Narugami-kun"(鳴神京一郎). It is used for young males.

Aside from Genshi and Ammon who refer to him by his given name, the rest of the cast refer to him by his last name. In Japan this signals none of them are particularly close, despite the fact he address them by their given names ("Sora", "Tokio", etc), which indicates he himself considers them close to him.

Merlock's English name is a portmanteau of the words "Merlin", "Warlock" and"Sherlock Holmes",


  • Technically, Kyoichiro would be classified as a Dhampire, however the series does not state this. However, there is some differences between versions on what exactly his race type is referred to as. In the Japanese anime, however, he is called "Vampire" several times, this is spoken in English and there is only one instance where his race was quoted in Japanese. The Bros. Comics manga varies between the various ways of writing "Vampire".
  • In the English dub, some airings of Episode 18 show the words "19th Century" in sub-text when Ammon takes Kyoichiro back to the future, implying that they live in a different timelie to Genshi and the others. This was not always present in all of the showings of the episode and was in some episodes left off, though the line "we were in your timezone..." is still spoken by Yamato Tokio. This is incorrect as he lives in the same timeline as Genshi.