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Narugami Kyoichiro
Kyoichiro Narugami (鳴神京一郎(なるがみ きょういちろう, Narugami Kyōichirō)
Debut ': Chapter 4
Species: "Vampire"
Classification: Time Detective
Time Period: 25th Century Tama City- Japan
Gender: Male


In the Bom Bom Manga, his attire is different. He wears a magician's hat (which he looses) and a different type of cape, as well as a pair of boots. His pupils are permanently thin slits.


His overall personality is reserved, though expresses extreme annoyance at the idiotic behaviors of others. He resists Flints attempts to befriend him due to the prosecution of Vampires by humans. In this version he is a klutz and is constantly being knocked aside.


He is shown to be quite agile and with quick reflexes. He carries a staff which he uses for fighting.


He appears briefly in Chapter 4, having been asked to write a note for Getalong by Wolfen. Bindi is also seen with him having been entrusted as her protector.

He appears in Chapter 5 and is the first of the main characters to encounter Coconaut. He was monitoring a disturbance in the timeline surrounding Christopher Columbus and was making sure history kept on course. He spends most of the chapter being mistaken for a member of the crew by the captain. Flint arrives soon after and Kyoichiro and he clash when Flint attempts to befriend his fellow Time Detective. Kyoichiro explains his status of being a Vampire and talks of his troubles, Flint is left upset by Kyoichiro's words and feels sympathy towards his blight.

When Coconaut is transformed to Coconaut-kon, he is whacked into the base of ships broken mast and knocked unconscious after being caught off guard. Sarah takes care of him while Flint fights and he regains consciousness once the fight is over.