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Narugami Kyoichiro
Kyoichiro Narugami (鳴神京一郎(なるがみ きょういちろう, Narugami Kyōichirō)
Debut ': Vol.2
Species: "Vampire"
Classification: Time Detective
Time Period: 25th Century Tama City- Japan
Gender: Male


He is a young vampire who has long blue hair tied ina pony tail. He also has red eyes and pale coloured skin. He has a blue rose and his attire is more in line with the western traditional view of Vampires, based on popular cult depictions of Dracula. His pupils vary per panel between a thin slit and a more rounded appearance.



He was shown to have hypnotic powers.He uses it to subdue Flint while he attempts to steal a kiss from Sarah. He is fast, agile and quiet and was able to sneak away without being noticed several times. He was shown to be able to cling to ceilings as well and remain hidden without being noticed.



  • His design in this version bares much resemblance to the Masked Man's appearance.
  • When first introducing Vampires, Putera and Yamato Tokio both tell Genshi what Vampires are. Putera tells him the truth ("sucking blood, turning you into a Vampire") while Tokio exaggerates ("they have 9 butts"), leaving Flint with mixed beliefs on what exactly a vampire is.