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Old Timer
Old Timer.PNG
Timer-G (トキG, Toki G)
Debut (Manga): Chapter 1
Debut (Anime): Hammerhead Rock
Seiyū: Katsumi Suzuki
Voice actor: Kim Strauss
Species: "God"
Classification: Keeper of the Land of Time

Director of the Time Police

Time Period: Unknown - Land of Time
Gender: Male


The Old Timer watches the Timeline from the Land of Time and often comments about historical figures after Flint has rescued each Time Shifter. He is quite happy and encouraging, seeing the best in people. He strives to protect the Timeline and keep history on course, but is not a fool and is aware of the potential humans have for disaster.

He was aware of the existence of "Yomi-G", but had no idea what had became of of his fellow God, nor what impact his duty of monitoring the The Land of Dread had done to his counterpart.


Just as the Dark Lord cannot leave the underworld/Land of Time, the Old Timer also cannot leave either, but likewise can manipulate events outside of it.

He created the Time Shifters and aided Dr. Bernard Goodman in de-fossilizing Flint.


Time Shifter Pig.PNG Time Shifter Pig-Con.PNG

A round, floating pig with wings, which is frequently seen being rode on by the Old Timer and can shoot dumplings out of its nose. When Flint first woke up in the Land of Time, he immediately tried to bite the pig, mistaking it for food. It is currently unknown whether or not this pig is a Time Shifter. However, during Dark Lord's assault on the Land of Time, many Time Shifters are seen in their Con forms, including a monstrous-looking pig with bat wings.


He set up the Time Police in the 25th century, in Tama City. He began to use his influence, using the disguise of the Director of the Time Police, to appoint Time Detectives to fix the broken Time Line after Time travel became a common occurrence by the 25th century.

After the Dark Lord attacked the Land of Time and scattered the Time Shifters, the Old Timer was left unable to retrieve the Land of Time's lost guardians himself. He relied on the Time Police to fin them and reported their missing status to them.

Eventually, news of the Time Shifters began to surface and due to Petra's interference, Flint Hammerhead was brought to the 25th century. Seeing potential in Flint and what he needed to keep the Time Shifters from succumbing to the Dark Lord's plans, he appointed Flint as a Time Detective.


"Toki" means "Time. The "G" in his Japanese name refers to his status as a "God". Thus his name means "Time God".


  • His Pigs when transformed resembles Zabieha's bad transformation.