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Space-Time Detective - ioriginal soundtrack (時空探偵ゲンシクン ― オリジナル・サウンドトラックだっチ!) was the original sound track of Space-Time Detective Genshi-kun and was a 42 track CD.


Japanese title is listed first, then a translation, followed by a description of the music. Most music is intrumental although a few lyric-based songs exist on the album.

  1. パワーなきもち(朝倉ゆかり)/The Power of Feelings:
    the main theme tune of the series. This was featured also in episode 39 when Flint defeats the Time Shifters in their bad transformations for the last time.
  2. ゲンシのテーマ/Genshi theme:
    Flint's theme tune, it was used numerous times throughout the series when Flint was pushing back.
  3. 日常/Daily:
    A comical "everyday life" tune.
  4. 喜び/Joy:
    a light-hearted "happy" tune played whenever the mood of a scene was "happy".
  5. 登校/School:
    A casual tune used for when Flint and the Goodman twins were at schoool.
  6. 緊張/Tension:
    a eerie sounding tune meant to indicate the mood was tense in a scene.
  7. 謎/Mystery:
    a creepy tune with many panning sounds designed to create a sense of mystery in a scene.
  8. 時空の彼方へ/Beyond Time and Space:
    sung by Flint Hammerhead, Rocky Hammerhead, Sarah Goodman, Tony Goodman and Pterry. It is played whenever Flint goes on a mission. It is also the last outro song played in the series. It talks about how Flint wonders what new friends and adventure awaits him.
  9. 都市1/Urban 1:
    is a tense "tribal" sounding tune.
  10. 企み/designing:
    a busy sounding tune with a faster tempo then most of the other intrumental tracks.
  11. 古今東西FOR MYSELF/Now and Then, East and West, FOR MYSELF:
    Petra Fina Dagmar's theme tune. She, Dino and Mite sing this. It is featured in her introduction in Episode 1. It explains that Petra wants everything for herself and has a steady up beat tune, designed to sound like a "Hero" song, despite Ptera and her henchmen being the main villains of the show.
  12. コミカル/Comical:
    the main "comical soundtrack" of the show.
  13. 追跡/Tracking:
    is a upbeat faster tempo track, its most notable use was episode 21, although was used in numerous episodes.
  14. 逃げろ/Escape:
    a acoustic guitar sound track that has a fast tempo, the music intervals regularly with busier music.
  15. 時空モンスター2タッチ/Time-Space Monsters-2:
    a short 14 second soundtrack.
  16. 戦闘4/Battle 4:
    a tense tune with a high tempo, it indicates a busy sense but is light sounding.
  17. 時空モンスター1/Time-Space monsters 2:
    a more grander sounding track then Time-Space Monsters 2, it is longer.
  18. 戦闘1/Battle 1:
    Battle music, it has a steady tempo and is light with little tension.
  19. 勝利/Victory:
    A tune that was played after Flint's victory in numerous episodes, it is a steady beat with trumpets for an introduction.
  20. 光り輝く1/radiant:
    a slow-whimsical sounding tune with a piano playing.
  21. せつなく/wistful:
    a gentle piano tune with a slow tempo, it has long pauses in places.
  22. 君ってWinking Shining Star/I'm a Winking Star:
    Sung by Flint Hammerhead, Tony and Sora Goodman. It has a slow introduction.
  23. 優しい
  24. ほのぼの
  25. とんちんかん
  26. 不安 Listen
  27. 不気味な
  28. パニック
  29. 都市2
  30. 時空モンスター3タッチ
  31. 戦闘3
  32. 時空モンスター4タッチ
  33. 戦闘2
  34. タイムアップ
  35. 脱出
  36. 光り輝く2
  37. 寂しい
  38. 悲しい
  39. 希望
  40. 凱旋
  41. もしも……(飯塚雅弓)
  42. きらきら(水野愛日)