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Super Transformation (スーパー変身 sūpā henshin, lit. ), the Time Shifter's natural transformation, accessed with the help of Flint and the Goodman family. This was referred to as "Master" form in the English dub.


Land of Time Shifters[]

According to the series, this form is only able to be achieved when the Shifter was fighting to protect someone else, usually this was Flint. Bindi and Unita were the only ones shown to transform for someone else, with Unita seemingly transforming freely and Bindi transforming for Merlock Holmes. By taping into a their hidden inner power, they can transform for a limited time. Ultimately, the Master form is more powerful then the Shifter normally is, after their energy runs out they will revert back to normal. Unlike their transformation into Monster Eggs, Super transformations can occur even if the Shifter is in their Bad Transformation form.

All Time Shifters' known Master forms' Japanese names except for Wing have the word "super" (スーパー sūpā) before their names (in this case, Wing-Master is called Jetton (ジェットン)).

The only Time Shifters aside from Getalong that never transformed into their Master forms are Lynx, Elfin, Plumella, Monk, Nightcap, Change, Bugsy, Knuckle, Doron, and Shadow, although hypothetical Master forms for the first two mentioned are shown on Bernie's computer. The remaining Shifters had their master forms featured in various forms outside of the show, such as merchandise, the sole exception being Getalong.

In the manga, the Shifters can transform when they want. This leads to a situation by chapter 5 wherein the Shifters Bubblegum, Jitterbug and later Coconuat, transform to settle differences such as fighting over food - much to the horror of the Goodman family as they damage Dr. Bernard's lab in the process.


  • Most Shifters' Master forms have a humanoid appearance (Unita is a notable exception)
  • Bindi's master form is completely different in early promos to its final form.
  • With the exception of Getalong and the Land of Dread's Time Shifters, all Shifters who never transformed in the anime series had their super transformations featured in other media.