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T.P. Lady (meaning "Time Pilfer Lady"), known as "Petra Fina Dagmar" in the English dub, is the main antagonist of the series. Her alter ego is called "Hitomi Aino" (愛野瞳), known in the English dub as "Miss Iknow". In all versions of the series she works as a teacher at the local Highschool.

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She is also known to have appeared in the Dream Time Machine Special.


Her Japanese alter egos name is made of several letters which individually "愛" ("Ai") means "wild", "野" ("no") means "love" and "瞳" ("hitomi") means "brown eyes". The name can be read as something along the lines of "Brown eyes of wild love", though the exact wording can depend on the translation.

The English versions name of "Miss Iknow" is likely taken from how "Aino" sounds phonetically similar to "Iknow". however, "Aino" may have also been deliberately chosen in the first place for this very reason as well, as the series itself contains many such instances of lingual play of words in all Japanese versions.

Dyna and Mite always address her as "Lady-Sama" (レディ) in the Japanese dub, "Sama" is a honorific which shows they have great respect for her. The rest of the cast normally just refer to her as "T.P. Lady" or just "Lady". "Lady" is always spoken in English whenever she is addressed.

The origin of her English name "Petra Fina Dagmar" is unknown.


  • In the English dub, the servant that appears with her mother is mistaken for her father.
  • T.P. Lady is likely a nod to the character "Majo" Time Bokan.
  • Her cat-theme is likly taken from "Dorobo Neko" (泥棒猫 Dorobō Neko") meaning "Cat burglar". It is also, however, a term used for women who steal men from other women. Also, as she originally had witch-like powers, the cat theme would have originally fitted in with this.