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The Land of Dread or Underworld in the original Japanese dub, is the home of the Dark Lord.


The Land of Dread was created to store all the evil souls and acts within history, where they remain locked away. It is a cold place lacking any life, as it was not designed for the living. It is watched over by its only resident the Dark Lord, who was placed in charge of keeping the souls within the domain trapped. However, like the land itself the Dark Lord himself is "frozen" and does not age.

In the Land of Dread is a clock. When the clock in The Land of Time stops, the clock in the Land of Dread starts. The consequence of the clock in the land of Dread starting, however, is that all the evil locked away is set free. History then rewrites itself with evil as the center of its focus. Once this has began to happen, the Land of Time then becomes the frozen domain instead.