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The Land of Time is the home of Old Timer


The Land of Time monitors the flow of time and space. It is ruled by the Old Timer, who watches the events of history unfold. The protectors of the Land of Time are the Time Shifters, Angels who whose duty is to keep the Clock in the Land of Time working. As a consequences of times progression, the Old Timer is an old man.

The Clock in the Land of time serves to keep history flowing and allows for the timeline to exist as it should be. It is also the count-clock for the Clock in the Land of Dread. Should the clock in the Land of Time stop working, the clock in the Land of Dread will start, causing the current timeline to cease to exist and history to rewrite itself with evil as the focus. If this occurs, anyone in the Land of Time is unable to return to their original timeline, leaving them trapped in the location forever. The Land of Time now becomes dark and frozen as the Land of Dread once was.