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The timeline of the series is shown in fragments throughout the shown as Flint Hammerhead travels through time and space.


The shows formula consists of Flint being given an assignment in a particular time and place, of which he travels to. There he finds the Time Shifter he must remove from that timeline, beat Petra and return to the 25th century. Therefore, time-space travel was n important part of the shows background.

As each adventure was resolved, any influence by Time Shfiters, Flint Hammerhead and his friends, as well as Petra Fina Dagmar was erased. As shown in episode 2, once the timeline is cleanse of influence of those who shouldn't be there, it repaired itself, erasing any oddities not meant to be present in the timeline. Fragments of the influence sometimes remained, such as a painting of Sarah Goodman or fragments of the memory of meeting Flint Hammerhead, though nothing that remained altered history.

The only time History was shown to have been altered by influence of people from other Timelines in the show was when Flint Hammerhead reunited Marie with her mother: meaning that originally Marie and her mother were destined never to meet again. Flint and his friends were not punished since the event did not have any significant consequences on history (and because the Time Police do not apply their normal policies on Christmas day).

It was shown that despite Flint and his friends being elsewhere in the timeline, they were capable of communicating with those across Time and Space, implying that the different timelines run parallel with each other.

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