Flint the Time Detective Wiki

I'll start more work on the wikia on saturday and sunday.

I was going to do some things today, its midday more or less and I just work up. Long story short, some of our neighbours threw a party, in their garden. Which is fine because I have no cribs with new years parties...

But boom, boom, boom, boom is not a form of music, I'm sorry. Seriously from 9 o'clock to 1 in the morning the same bass beat was flaring out. This is designed for mixing with other music - not playing on its on. It kept everyone awake n the neighbourhood. It would be fine if they were actually playing music, but all you could hear was that booming beat. Hearing the same beat for 4 hours with no change... God... That was awful.

They were drunk. It wouldn't be so bad if the rest of the neighbourhood was also partying but half of the houses had their lights off, we've not a party street and if we do we normally keep it to ourselves. I think if they had kept it in the house, things would have been better.

At one point about 11 I went to the house and stood at their gate for more then five mintues before someone finally saw me, all eyes was on the music equiptment and nothing else.

Regardless I'm not doing any wiki editing today at all... I have 0 sleep so even my normal wikias I work on are not getting attention.

Also as a note, I start work tomorrow and I work by shifts in my new job.

I'm going to order a second copy of the bom bom comics in the next fortnight and see if I can get the book scanned and passed to a trans. group. Regardless the raws will be made available for everyone to see if they want within the next month or two, hopefully.