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'Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart'
Debut (Manga):
Debut (Anime): Episode 28
Affiliation: Historic Figure
Voice actor:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was one of the historic figures that Flint Hammerhead met on his adventures and is based on the man of the same name. Flint and his friends met Mozart while he was teaching Ludwig van Beethoven.

Depiction in the show[]

Mozart is depicted as a energetic individual who draws inspiration easily from situations. He likens the inspiration of making music to an explosion (usually with real' explosions going off around him). He wrote a Symphony with ease in front of Flint and the others and made Beethoven feel insignificant in contrast.



  • In the English dub, Old Timer states he has to correct the issue of Beethoven and Mozart meeting each other later. Except, historically they did met, making the English dub throw up a historical error - the error was also not in the original Japanese dub.
  • The real Mozart was a small man who was very vain, those who knew him noted that there was nothing remarkable about his appearance and nothing about him gave off any sign of his musical genius. He worked hard and long hours at a fast pace to meet deadlines; this is far different to the shows depiction of him easily tossing out new music.