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Yamato Sora
Sora Yamato (大和ソラ, Yamato Sora)
Debut (Anime): Hammerhead Rock
Seiyū: Nana Mizuki
Voice actor: Tifanie Christun
Species: Human
Classification: mid school Student: aged between 12-15
Time Period: 25th Century Tama City- Japan


Sora (Sarah Goodman in the dub) is the fraternal twin sister of Yamato Tokio.


Sora/Sarah full body image

She is about the same height as her brother Yamato Tokio, and is shorter then Narugami Kyoichiro . She has long pink hair and blue eyes. She wears a long-sleeved yellow top, blue trousers with several pockets, and brown shoes. She wears suspenders that go over her shoulders, and two pink bracelets on her left wrist. She wears her translator badge on her left Suspender strap.


She stays out of fights and hates fighting in general and is quite friendly and empathetic. In episode 1, she states she has no big plans for the future. At the end of the series she states that she, like her brother, hopes one day to become a Time Detective and like her brother stated that she believes she still has too many things to do in her life.

In the only time she ends up fighting was due to the influence of Muscles, she ends up handling the reins over to Genshi after she found she couldn't handle it fighting Muscle-kon. When she was dressed in a bunny-girl costume, she was left highly embarrassed, but due to the fact shrinking her back down to size would have left her naked she choose to stay in the costume.

She hated bugs until Episode 30.


  • Yamato Tokio; She tends to berate her brother Tony for his lack of focus on subjects such as school, but puts much pressure on him due to her own concerns of him failing. Their bond is close enough that when multiple clones of Sarah are created by Shadow in episode 35, he is able to pick out the real one from the fakes.
  • Genshi; Sarah mothers Genshi at times.
  • Narugami Kyoichiro; She respectsKyoichiro as an ally and as a Time Detective like Genshi, but does not respond to any of the flirting he does to get her attention. The only time he directly fights for her attention, she ignores his attempts and focusing on the fact he is a Time Detective.


Compared to her brother is is more intelligent and slightly physically fitter then her brother.


The only back-story given for her was as a young child in episode 30. When she was young, she was playing with her brother Tokio. He had found something interesting in a tree and dropped it for her to see. It turned out to be a bug, which freaked her out.

In Episode 1, she was the one who found Genshi and Ototan's fossil.


  • Sora's Translator Badge is often missing from shots.