Flint the Time Detective Wiki
Debut (Manga): Chapter 2
Debut (Anime): Does not appear
Voice actor:
Species: Human
Classification: Detective
Time Period: 25th Century Tama City- Japan
Gender: Male

Z•Z (ジー•ジー), an old man. He appears only in the manga.


He is an old man.


Short tempered and impatient.


Flint becomes a time Detective due to Z•Z.

He is featured holding a Jitte. The only time he goes to use it, old age gets the better of him, making his back go and Bubblegum ends up confronting Petra instead.


He is approached by the Old Timer. When it is suggested that the Time Shifters have to be taken, Z•Z reveals having Bubblegum and refuses to give him up. When Flint causes chaos in the city, Z•Z goes to attack, his back gives in and Bubblegum ends up covering his back. This leads to Petra stamping Bubblegum.


  • His computer has a windows operating system - literally. It has windows on it and he opens them to use his computer.
  • Despite being featured holding a script like Merlock Holmes and the Old Timer at the end of Chapter 6, he did not make it into the anime and his role was replaced by Jillian Grey. Bubblegum is also found by Oda Nobunaga instead.